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Footers are not added to e-mails sent from mobile devices

This article is obsolete and may relate only to older versions of our software.

If you use a current version of CodeTwo software, see this article.


While sending messages from mobile devices, there are no footers added to messages.


If you have successfully configured your footer and it is added to messages that you send from your computer but somehow not added to emails sent from handhelds, it means that you probably have not created plaintext footers.

The mobile devices usually send mail in Plain Text, even also whten they based on the Android, Windows Phone or iOS platform. You need to add a Plain Text footer, an equivalent of the HTML one, defined for each particular rule in CodeTwo Exchange Rules. If you have HTML footer already created, you will only have to convert it to Plain Text using CodeTwo Exchange Rules built-in editor.

Here's what has to be done:

  1. Start editing your rule, go to the Disclaimer Templates section and click Edit.
  2. Once the footer editor is opened click Convert button and select Convert HTML to Plain Text (fig. 1.)

Convert HTML to Plain Text button
Fig.1. Convert HTML to Plain Text button

Your footer will be automatically converted to plaintext. You can save the changes and close the editor.

From now on this particular rule will have two disclaimers: one in HTML, the second one in Plain Text format. CodeTwo Exchange Rules will append either of them depending on the message format.

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