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How to enable folder List view in Outlook 2010


Some folders, especially the ones that are shared by other users via CodeTwo Public Folders or CodeTwo Outlook Sync, are not visible in the view you are currently using.


The so-called Folder List view allows you to see your complete MS Outlook folder structure (including Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Journal and Notes folders) in the Navigation Pane.

To enable the Folder List view in MS Outlook 2010, click the Folder List button (Fig. 1.) at the bottom of the Navigation Pane.

Folder List button in Outlook 2010.
Fig. 1. The Folder List button in Outlook 2010.

Alternatively, with MS Outlook 2010 open press CTRL+6 on your keyboard for the same effect.

To see subfolders located under parent folders, expand a parent folder by clicking the small white arrow to the left of the folder name (Fig. 2.).

Expand folder arrow.
Fig. 2. The Expand folder arrow.

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