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How to avoid detecting local contacts as internal recipients


The CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x and CodeTwo Exchange Rules software recognizes contacts existing in Active Directory as internal recipients. In result, incorrect rules are applied to the messages.

This Knowledge Base article is designed to use with older versions of CodeTwo software. If you have installed CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.x or upgraded version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family, please refer to this article. 


To avoid such issues, instead adding to scope of senders Internal users, you may exclude all users in your domain(s), using their e-mail addresses. Before going further, please find your domains' names. In this scenario We will use, as the first and only domain. Now, if you would like to apply the rule only for external recipients, please follow steps described below:

  1. ​​Remove "Internal users" from scope of senders
  2. Switch to the the "Exceptions" section (in CodeTwo Exchange Rules family you can find it at the bottom part of the window)
  3. Create new exception using "Add..." button, and then select "Scope of recipients"
  4. On the right side of windows click again "Add..." button and select "Email addresses"
  5. Fill the form with "*", so in this scenario it will be "*"

    Please note that asterisk (*) character stands for any e-mail address in your domain. Additionally, if you have more than one domain, you may separate them using semicolon (;) sign, e.g. *; *

Fig. 1. Exception for all internal users in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x


Fig. 2. Exception for all internal users in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family

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