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Error: The Autodiscover service couldn't be located


You get the following error in CodeTwo Office 365 Migration:

The Autodiscover service couldn't be located.


There may be a few reasons for this error to occur. If you recently added/migrated a domain the simplest solution would be changing the email address of administrative account you are using (in Exchange options on Office 365) back to <yourdomain> The other reason may be that your domain is not yet registered/verified with Microsoft's DNS or there is a problem with the Global Administrator account on Office 365 that is being used with our program. We recommend either checking yourself the domain registration status, contacting the Microsoft Office 365 Support or trying with the universal solution below:

  1. Choose a different existing account or create a new account on Office 365.
  2. Make sure the account is fully mailbox enabled, i.e.:
    1. Log in to OWA 365 with this account’s credentials.
    2. Set the regional settings if prompted to do so.
    3. Send an email to yourself or to another account, confirm it was delivered.
  3. Add Global Administrator permissions in Office 365 for this account.
  4. Add Impersonation Rights for this account. If you have problems doing that from within our software please do it manually following steps for Exchange Online from this article.
  5. Use this new account in our program.

If the above does not help consider:

  • Running the software on a different machine - this way you will rule out problems caused by security settings on the original machine, e.g. firewall,
  • Installing the software outside of your environment (forest) e.g. on a virtual machine with trial Exchange Server, at home - this way you will rule out problems caused by customized or even improper DNS, proxy or routing configuration.

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