Diagnosing CodeTwo Exchange Sync


How to collect and deliver required diagnostic data for CodeTwo Support team.


Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Start the Administration Panel of the software and go to Logs, Technical Support: Send. If you cannot run the software or even install it, please contact CodeTwo Support via web contact form (licensed users or trial users).

Fig. 1. Accessing Log Files.

Fig. 2. Opening email sending window.

  1. Please provide a short description of the problem along with your license key (if you are already licensed user) and your ticket number (if you already have a case open with us).

Fig. 3. Send an email with diagnostic files window.

  1. In some cases, however, the first two steps may not be enough. Additional details and files are sometimes required to properly analyze the case. It may be wise to provide the following straight away when opening the case. Please be aware that as of now, attaching more files or embedding images is not possible when sending emails via "Send log files" feature so please either contact CodeTwo Support using our contact form or email us directly (licensed users or trial users). So please let us know details about the environment in which you are trying to run our software i.e.:
    1. What is the Windows version of the machine that hosts our software? Is it a workstation/dedicated server or maybe you installed the software directly on your Exchange? Is it physical machine or virtual one?
    2. What is the Windows version of your MS Exchange Server machine and your Domain Controller (if those are separate machines from CodeTwo Exchange Sync running machine) and what is the version of MS Exchange Server itself?
    3. Is it multi-server environment? If so, is it mixed environment (different Exchange Server versions)?
    4. Is there anything special about your environment, such as you are using Terminal Services, Citrix, etc, or other software using MAPI (e.g. MS Outlook, BlackBerry Server, CodeTwo Exchange Folders)?
  2. If the synchronization service works please perform a synchronization test i.e. try syncing a newly created item with a distinctive name, e.g. C2SyncTest1 and export log files manually after that (see Fig. 1 where to get them from or access CodeTwo\Logs folder in your %programdata% directly using Windows Explorer).
  3. Extract C2ExchangeSyncSettings.dat file from CodeTwo folder in your  %programdata% to provide us with your settings.
  4. In cases regarding software crashes or performance of the synchronization service export your Event Viewer System and Applications log files (.evtx format compressed to a .zip file please).

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