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Diagnosing CodeTwo Exchange Folders

If CodeTwo assistance is required with your CodeTwo Exchange Folders problems or advanced configuration, such help will be delivered faster and better if you provide following files and information about your setup.

  1. If you see error messages or anything unusual on the screen, please take a screenshot of it. Please make sure the error message is complete and readable - try expanding the error window so we can see the whole message on the screenshot or copy-paste the error message text.
  2. What is the version of your:
    1. Windows
    2. MS Exchange Server
    3. CodeTwo Exchange Folders server side application
    4. CodeTwo Exchange Folders mobile client applications
  3. Do you have MS Outlook on the same machine where CodeTwo Exchange Folders is installed?
  4. Is CodeTwo Exchange Folders installed directly on the Exchange Server or on a client machine?
  5. Please perform a synchronization test:
    • Stop and Start the service.
    • Create an item with a distinctive name, e.g. C2SyncTest1 in MS Outlook.
    • Wait a few minutes to allow synchronization.
  6. Export log files from the program. If you use an Android device please export log files from it as well. Do not send us log files at this moment yet.
  7. Take a screenshot of your CodeTwo Exchange Folders Configuration window.
  8. Take a screenshot of your CodeTwo Exchange Folders External Mobile Access window.
  9. Take a screenshot of the “Member Of” tab in the Properties of the Active Directory account of the user that is assigned in CodeTwo Exchange Folders to run the synchronization service.
  10. Run the MFCMAPI tool, go to ProfileShow Profiles and take a screenshot of the window with profiles.
  11. In performance or stability cases, please also export also your Event Viewer System and Applications log files (.evt or .evtx format please).
  12. Compress all screenshots, log files, settings file into a single .zip file.
  13. Send all the above to CodeTwo Tech support (licensed users or trial users).
  14. If you have a case open with us already, it is very important to state your case number in the subject line.
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