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Detailed logging level in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 / 2010


How to enable detailed loggin system in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules.


If the program deviates from its intended behavior, you may be asked to set the logging level to Detailed by the Technical Support. To change the verbosity of logging, perform the following actions:

  • Choose from the top menu Settings, Log files.
  • In Logging level section choose from the dropdown menu Detailed (Fig. 1.).
  • Click OK and Save (Ctrl + S) in the program's main screen.

Fig. 1. Changing of logging level.

The logging level has been set to detailed. Now you have to replicate the situation in which the problem was spotted, e.g. send a message that should be  given a disclaimer but is not. During these actions, the log files are filled with data related to the problem. The written log files must now be sent to the Technical Support.

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