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Copying Outlook rules and alerts to another machine


You need to configure the same Outlook rules on multiple machines, so you are looking for a way to copy existing rules from one machine to another. This may be useful when setting up your Outlook clients to work with CodeTwo Public Folders or CodeTwo Outlook Sync.


In order to quickly configure the same Outlook rules on many computers, they must be first configured on one computer and exported to a RWZ file. To do this, go to Options tab and in the Rules and Alerts dialog click the Options button and then Export Rules. Now the rules can be exported to other computers by selecting the Rules and Alerts dialog, the Options button and Import Rules (Fig.1).

Fig.1.Exporting and importing rules in Outlook.

  • Applies to: CodeTwo Outlook Sync CodeTwo Public Folders 4.0, 4.5, 5.x Other
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