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CodeTwo Public Folders licensing model explained

This article is meant for users of CodeTwo Public Folders. This software has been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here.


What is CodeTwo Public Folders licensing model.


CodeTwo Public Folders is licensed per client application. That means you need a license for each computer or a mobile device from which you will be accessing your shared data. You do not need a license for your Syncing Master machine unless you want to access the data on it as well.

The base package i.e. minimum size Client Access Licenses (CALs) pack covers 3 client applications and a Syncing Master module. The Syncing Master module does not give you access to data - it only hosts the database and allows permissions management. You can install the Syncing Master module either on a separate machine (Fig. 1) for example on a server role computer or on the same computer as one of the client applications (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1. A scenario in which the Syncing Master module is deployed on a separate machine without a client application.

Fig. 2. A scenario in which the Syncing Master computer has also a client application installed.

If you need to be able to access the shared data in Outlook on 3 client computers and on a separately deployed Syncing Master that means you will require 4 CALs in total (see Fig. 3). If you already purchased a base package you need to buy one additional license to cover such scenario. More client computers means more client applications and therefore more CALs. 

Fig. 3.
 A scenario in which 4 client applications are deployed, including one on the Syncing Master machine.

A client application installed on a mobile device also requires a license (see Fig. 4). Be aware that you will be able to connect a mobile client app only directly, i.e. while your mobile phone is connected to your Local Area Network (LAN) for example via your WiFi.

Fig. 4. A scenario in which 5 client applications are deployed, including one on the Syncing Master machine and one on the mobile device.

If you wish to access your data from computers or mobile devices outside your local network you also need to purchase an Internet Access license. Due to technical reasons we are not able to limit the Internet Access only to chosen devices. Therefore if you wish to access your data via Internet even from just a single device you must purchase Internet Access licenses for all your client applications (see Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. A scenario in which 6 client applications are deployed, including two of those outside of the Local Area Network.