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CodeTwo Exchange Rules installed on a desktop computer


How installed CodeTwo Exchange Rules on a desktop computer?


The desktop version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules can be used in the organization where employees responsible for the maintenance of the footers added to email by CodeTwo Exchange Rules cannot be given the right to log in to Exchange Server. Typically, these are marketing staff who modify the look of email banners. The desktop version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules has no connection to the live installation and therefore all settings configured offline need to be give to the administrator and copied to Exchange.

Below you will find a step by step guide to using a desktop version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules.

  1. Download the desktop version for you Exchange server:
    1. Exchange Server 2000/2003/SBS
    2. Exchange Server 2007 64bit
    3. Exchange Server 2007 32bit
  2. Install the desktop version to exactly the same directory on the desktop as in the live installation to maintain the integrity of paths to files. This is very important as later the live installation may not accept the settings made on the desktop. For example, if on the server the path is: C:\Program Files\CodeTwo\CodeTwo ExchangeRules 2007 it must be the same directory path on the desktop. 
  3. Once you install the desktop version, you can start configuring the program. See the guide for 2003 and 2007.
  4. While composing the footer in the built-in editor of the program, make sure the paths to the templates and the images files will be the same in the live installation.
  5. When you have finished configuring the rules, copy the settings and the templates to the live installation retaining the paths integrity:
    1. In CodeTwo Exchange Rules, the settings are stored in settings.dat file in the root directory. Copy this file to the root directory of the live installation.
    2. In CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007, the settings are stored in ExchangeRules.dat file in the root directory. Copy this file to the root directory of the live installation.
    3. When copying the footer templates, remember to retain the path integrity as well as to copy along with the templates all images that are used by the templates to make sure they are displayed correctly in emails.

As the desktop installation is not connected to the mail system before its settings are copied, you cannot test it in action. However, you can still use the test and preview features of the program without obstacles.

  • Applies to: CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 2.x CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.x
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