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CodeTwo software and transaction logs


Does any CodeTwo software write anything to the Exchange transaction logs?


Transaction logs in the Microsoft Exchange Server environment are files that store records of changes made to the Exchange Server database. Before a mailbox database contents change, the information is written to a transaction log file and later the content of that log is saved to the database. 

When using CodeTwo software the Exchange transaction logs may change their sizes, however, please be aware that none of CodeTwo programs writes anything directly into that logs nor deletes them. CodeTwo software uses available APIs such as the Exchange Web Services (EWS) or the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) to access mailboxes located on the Exchange Server thus if there are any changes made to transaction logs they are a result of standard Exchange Server behavior. If the transaction logs grow bigger with CodeTwo software installed this is because of more operations being executed on Exchange, for example you installed CodeTwo Exchange Sync which synchronizes mailboxes - items are copied from one mailbox to another, therefore Exchange transaction logs grow.

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