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Agent installation problems


CodeTwo Transport Agent cannot be implemented when installing CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2 or CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family.


There may be two possible reasons and solutions to this problem:

  • You may be affected by a bug persisting in versions of MS Exchange Server 2013 earlier than Cumulative Update 8 (CU8). If you installed Exchange Server 2013 without any further updates or are running older Cumulative Update than Cumulative Update 8 (CU8), check the following article that explains how to fix it: CodeTwo and Exchange 2013 SP1.

    To check your Exchange Server version, please consult the following article.

  • You probably have wrong PowerShell ExecutionPolicy settings. See below how to fix it:

During the installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2 or CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family the Transport agent is installed using a PowerShell script. Due to this fact it is required to set the ExecutionPolicy for LocalMachine to Unrestricted or RemoteSigned prior the software installation.

  1. To check the ExecutionPolicy for LocalMachine please open  Exchange Management Shell and execute the following Cmdlet:
    Get-ExecutionPolicy -List

    Fig. 1. Checking ExecutionPolicy in EMS.

  2. If the ExecutionPolicy for LocalMachine is not set to Unrestricted or RemoteSigned, execute the below Cmdlet to set it properly:
    Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope LocalMachine Unrestricted
  3. Now, either:
    1. Reinstall CodeTwo software using the newest installer available (recommended),
    2. or assuming CodeTwo software was already installed except for the Transport agent, you can manually install the missing CodeTwo agent.

If you are still facing any difficulties please contact CodeTwo Support.

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