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CodeTwo Task Workflow

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If you plan and run complex tasks at the same time, it would be a good idea to divide your task folders into separate projects and make them accessible to project leaders and team members. Check out this example to see how to do it in Outlook with CodeTwo Task Workflow.

Let's say that you own an advertising and marketing company with 10+ people on board. You're engaged in various projects so putting all of the tasks to one folder and assigning them to your employees will end up as a total mess. Instead of this you can create public folders with tasks and make each of them an individual project. Follow the steps below for more details:


Install CodeTwo Task Workflow on all computers equipped with Outlook 

See the Installation and configuration section to learn more about installing CodeTwo Task Workflow.


Make sure you use either an Exchange account or CodeTwo Public Folders 

To share tasks with other Outlook users in real-time or to create public folders, you need to have an additional Outlook addin. Learn more about installing CodeTwo Public Folders and sharing Outlook folders.


Organize your public folders in Outlook 

If your company consists of a few teams that work simultaneously on different projects, it might be a good idea to group all tasks of the given team in a separate public folder in Outlook. Each of these folders can then be divided into appropriate projects containing individual tasks. Learn more about creating public folders in Outlook.


Assign individual tasks and keep track of the work progress 

Once the public projects are divided into smaller tasks, you can use CodeTwo Task Workflow to assign them to individual team members. By means of such features as Stamp Time and Date, Statuses, Substatuses and automatic notifications the entire communication within the team takes place within CodeTwo Task Workflow. The program notifies selected people about recent changes made to the task and allows them to keep track of the entire history of the given project.