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CodeTwo Task Workflow

Outlook tasks for you and your team

If you just want to create a simple list of to-dos or tasks for your team that can be easily accessible for all teammates, and that will allow you to monitor the entire progress in one place, this example is for you.

Imagine that you own a small recording studio and you need to assign tasks to 3 people and control their progress. Since you don't do a lot of audio recording and editing at the same time, you don't have to divide your work into projects and it's enough if you just create one public tasks folder for the entire company. See the steps below for more details:


Install CodeTwo Task Workflow on all computers equipped with Outlook

See the Installation and configuration section to learn more about installing CodeTwo Task Workflow.


Make sure you use either an Exchange account or CodeTwo Public Folders  

To share tasks with other Outlook users in real-time or to create public folders, you need to have an additional Outlook addin. Learn more about installing CodeTwo Public Folders and sharing Outlook folders.


Create a public folder in Outlook

To create a public folder in Outlook, just right-click on C2Public Folders, select New Folder, enter its name and make sure it contains Task Items (more info on creating public folders in Outlook can be found here).


Add your tasks to the public folder

Now that you've created a public folder, you can add tasks, estimate time and/or effort, and assign your workmates. Since you have created these tasks in the public folder, they are visible on all machines immediately and can be edited by other users at any time.


Monitor the progress of your workmates 

Note that you can use the Stamp Date and Time option to create a diary of each task, which will provide a comprehensive task history with text, graphics, documents and any files created while the team worked on a given task.

Communicating with your team inside the tasks will store all data connected with your tasks or projects in one place. Thanks to this, going back to the task after months or handing them over to another person is now easier and faster than ever before.