CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003

Email Disclaimers, Signatures, Branding for Exchange 2000/2003, Outlook and mobiles

What's new in 3?

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 3 introduces some major changes and new functionalities. A large share of the novelties you can see in version 3 is the response to your comments and suggestions to what is needed. We appreciate your invaluable contribution in helping us develop solutions that are tailored to your needs and make your workday pass by with the least hassle.

Support for Internal Footers

The previous versions of the program were capable of adding footers to external outgoing mail only sent outside Exchange organization. Version 3 introduces footers inserted to mail sent within the organization. By modifying the rule criteria you can have a different signature/disclaimer for internal correspondence and external.

Predefined Rules

For users who wish to have a quick start with the application here are the predefined rules. By using them you can create a rule for all messages, external messages, and internal messages.

Support for Multilingual Disclaimers

In this new version signatures/disclaimers can contain naional characters from several languages and alphabets. It is now possible to create a footer including e.g. English text, Greek, and Russian. After sending the inserted footer will display correctly even though it contain characters from different languages.

Brand New Footer Editor

The previous editor was an outsourced component from a third party company and it contained several shortcomings making it difficult to compose footers in particular those including national characters from multiple languages. The New Footer Editor has been engineered by our Team of Programmers from scratch and is the answer to all your needs and expectations.

Active Directory Cache

The new version has its own storage of data - this is introduced to reduce the load of the servers processing Active Directory queries.

Even More Rules Criteria

The range of criteria that can be used while configuring the rule is broader. Active Directory criteria are now made available also in the exceptions of the senders' scope as well as the whole recipients' scope. There are completely new categories in the recipients' scope: external and internal users. All changes render the program so much more adapt to the environments it is used in. Read more about the senders' scope and recipients' scope.

New Activation System

We know the previous activation procedure based on the registration code may have been a pain. We have improved on that a lot. In the new system once you order and purchase the program you will receive a License Key that is all you need to activate the program to the full version. More »

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