CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003

Date Published: 01 Feb 2012
Latest Version: 3.2
Size: 9.36 MB

Supported platforms

Administration Panel:
Windows Server 2003 / 2000

Exchange Rules Service:
Exchange Server 2003 / 2000
Small Business Server 2003 / 2000

Support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Version History

Version 3.2
Date 01 Feb 2011
Fixed: Delivery reports were not delivered for internal messages.
Fixed: AD contacts were treated by the application as internal users.
Fixed: In certain cases the application added the signature to encrypted messages.
Fixed: In very complicated Exchange environments the application may not deliver the messages to distribution groups.
Fixed: When sending a message to the distribution group plus one of its members the message may be delivered duplicated.
Fixed: Messages may not be delivered to members of distribution groups if forwarding is configured between the members of these groups.
Fixed: If non-standard AD attributes were used in the signature (extended AD scheme) the internal users might be treated as external.
Fixed: When testing scenarios in the built-in rule tester based on membership to AD groups, the application returned an error.
Fixed: Statistics files after changing the settings to non-default were reset.
Version 3.1
Date 23 Dec 2009
New: New installer for a desktop installation. It is possible to install the program on a desktop without Exchange. This is useful for customers who want non-admin users without access to Exchange to prepare the settings and footer templates to be later copied to the server.
New: It is possible now to add custom Active Directory fields used by the program. The file containing custom variables named SchemaExtension.txt must be placed in the installation directory of the application. The newly added variables are available in the signature editor after restarting the server.
New: The marker.dat file used to extend the 30-day trial version has been replaced by a temporary license key.
New: It is possible to disable the process of marking the end of the message with a dot sign - SMTP Transparency in the registry.
New: The encrypted and digitally signed messages of the following content type are eliminated from processing: application/x-pkcs12, application/x-pkcs7-certificates, application/x-pkcs7-certificates, application/x-pkcs7-mime, application/x-pkcs7-signature.
Fixed: The problem resulting in messages being not delivered to large distribution groups has been fixed.
Fixed: Exchange Server blocked messages containing large attachments.
Fixed: The mechanism for detection of Exchange server systemic messages has been improved. In the previous versions this could result in errors when synchronizing public folders.
Fixed: The operations on Active Directory groups have been optimized. In the current version the information on the users' membership to Active Directory groups are collected in cache memory. This allows the program not to query Active Directory every time, which improves the performance.
Fixed: The mechanism counting contacts in Active Directory has been improved. In the previous versions Active Directory contacts could were included in the licensing count as Active Directory users if the sender of an incoming message shared the email address with a contact. The contact was then opened in Active Directory based on DN variable of the message sender and treated as a regular user.
Fixed: The footer was inserted for all members of an Active Directory group despite the fact that the group was added to the exceptions to the rule. The error occurred if the message sender address matched the address of a contact in Active Directory. The error has been removed in the current version.
Fixed: The coding of HTML entities has been changed to decimal. This eliminates the problem of incorrect displaying of national characters in some mail clients, e.g. Lotus, Entourage. The default coding format can be changed to hexadecimal by changing the value of 'HexHtmlEntities' in the system registry.
Fixed: In limited instances there was an error with logs growing uncontrollably large. The current version removes this bug.
Fixed: The program did not find a footer in the message if Outlook changed the space sign to " ", which made footer add to the message multiple times.
Fixed: The problem with messages being undelivered to the public folders while the 'Journaling' option is active was removed.
Version 3.0.14
Date 28 Aug 2009
Fixed: Messages sent to Gmail accounts might not leave the server after being stuck in a queue.
Fixed: Occasionally footers were not added to outgoing mail sent in TNEF format.
Fixed: Footers were corrupted in RTF messages containing binary data (e.g. a hyperlink in some MS Outlook versions).
Fixed: BCC recipients were visible in the internet mail header of emails sent internally within Exchange organization.
Fixed: External recipients would not be displayed in messages sent internally using Outlook Mobile Access.
Fixed: Occasionally recipients would see blank or incomplete TO or CC fields in received e-mails.
Fixed: Chinese characters were not displayed correctly in RTF messages.
Fixed: Occasionally footers were added in incorrect places in messages that were replies or forwards.
Fixed: Occasionally recipients would see only some of the original addressees in TO: field.
Fixed: In some scenarios, emails would be sent twice to recipients outside of Exchange Organization.
Fixed: The program would crash if the message subject contained Hebrew characters and the phrase based suppressing disclaimers match was activated.
Fixed: It was not possible to select a parent domain for the scope of senders if the program was launched in a sub-domain of the parent domain.
Version 3.0.7
Date 18 Jun 2009
Fixed: In certain circumstances messages may not be delivered to CC and BCC recipients in multiple server environments.
Fixed: Sometimes the footer was missing from messages sent internally from certain mobile devices as well as Entourage for Mac.
Version 3.0.5
Date 08 Jun 2009
Fixed: Messages may not leave the server or leave it with a significant delay after being stuck in a queue "Messages awaiting directory lookup".
Fixed: Cases were reported in which the CPU was overwhelmed by inetinfo.exe process.
Version 3.0.3
Date 21 Apr 2009
Fixed: The server occasionally would not deliver messages to internal recipients if regional settings of the servers were set to German or Dutch.
Version 3.0.2
Date 09 Apr 2009
Fixed: The program would not add footers to internal messages that contained embedded objects.
Fixed: The program would not add footers to internal messages if the recipients were entered only to Bcc. field (No recipients in To. and Cc. field).
Fixed: The website address placed in our default templates (purely by coincidence) made certain anti-spam services treat our footers as spam.
Fixed: In plain text messages the footer was at times badly wrapped after MS Outlook removed redundant new line signs.
Fixed: Erroneous information related to the license status upon upgrading from 2.0.
Fixed: Problems activating the program under Windows Server 2000.
Fixed: Problems with program performance when 'Do not insert the disclaimer if it is already found in the message' was on - the syndrome of "Messages awaiting directory lookup" queue stacking up.
Fixed: Certain internal messages digitally signed were delivered changed and could not be read. The program now is not capable of handling digitally signed internal messages.
Fixed: The footer would at times be missing from internal messages.
Fixed: The footer was added in incorrect places in messages that were replies or forwards composed in German.
Fixed: Internal messages would at times be delivered with no attachments or empty-bodied.
Version 3.0.0
Date 01 Mar 2009
New: Signatures/disclaimers for internal mail enabled.
New: Predefined rules enabling quick deployment of footers for all messages, external and internal.
New: Support for mutlilingual disclaimers.
New: Brand new footer editor.
New: Active Directory Cache - a functionality removing load from servers processing Active Directory queries.
New: Broadened range of criteria rule selection based on Active Directory attributes, membership to grups, organizational units, internal and external recipients.
New: New activation system.
Fixed: The footer was not added to messages without any text.
Fixed: Problems diplaying entries in Active Directory containing diacritics or new line sign.
Fixed: Some footers were added more than once despite the settings if they contained national characters.
Fixed: Installation unabled until GDIPlus.dll is installed on Windows 2000.
Fixed: Now the program will write to the log file and system event log that image files are unavailable.
Fixed: The program added images incorrectly if the image files were pulled from different folders and had the same file name.
Fixed: In rare cases, messages scheduled for sending were stopped in a queue at the server and were not sent.
Fixed: Many more fixes and improvements.
Version 2.0.1
Date 4 Nov 2008
Fixed: New circular log files are not created daily or when the existing log file size exceeds 2MB.
Version 2.0.0
Date 1 Aug 2008
New: Now messages can contain more than one footer.
New: Built-in signature editor.
New: Added capability to specify recipients of footers (recipients' scope).
New: Enhanced capability to specify senders based on membership to the Active Directory Groups or Units.
New: Enhanced capability to specify senders based on specific values of users' Active Directory properties.
New: Testing and previewing tools for checking the functioning of rules for given senders/recipients.
New: Suppressing disclaimers by including key words / phrases into message subject / body.
New: Statistics tool for all mail traffic.
New: Archiving tool for all mail traffic.
New: Detailed logging for diagnostic purposes..
New: Send log files to CodeTwo support team with a single click.
Change: Modified and enhanced user interface.
Version 1.3.1
Date 29 Jan 2008
New: A new variable added: [Initials].
Fixed: In some circumstances a signature was not added directly under the response text in emails sent from Outlook 2007.
Fixed: When an inbound message was addressed to several local Exchange recipients and one of them didn't exist, the message was assumed to be an outbound one and a disclaimer was appended.
Version 1.3.0
Date 09 Nov 2007
New: A possibility to create signatures with images.
Fixed: When replying to messages or forwarding them there is a possibility to add signatures directly below the text of a new message. Previously the signature was always added to the end of the message.
Fixed: "Do not insert disclaimer if it already exists" functionality.
Version 1.2.1
Date 02 Jul 2007
New: First version of the program.
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