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What's new in version 2.0

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO version 2.0 is a big step up from version 1.0. We made sure the software can crush any challenge facing IT administrators of modern companies of all sizes. Below you can read about the changes we introduced.

Revamped code ensuring better performance

The software architecture has been rebuilt from the ground up making the program more efficient and stable than before. It now consists of 2 separate modules:

Exchange Rules PRO Service

A service installed on all mail processing servers in an organization. It is responsible for propagating settings between servers, managing the work of Transport Agents, ensuring correct application of rules and dealing with message queues.

Administration Panel

A client module, which can be installed in any number locations within or even outside of the domain. This is where the users design and manage rules they have been given permissions to by the administrator. The Administration Panel communicates with all Exchange Rules PRO Services in a domain.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 - New architecture

Easy condition/exception configuration

In version 2.0, rule criteria are configured using clear logical clauses, which can describe literally any imaginable scenario. To simplify the configuration conditions and exceptions are defined in two separate tabs (like in version 1.0). This way users can see with one glance when a given rule will be applied and then quickly check what circumstances prevent it from triggering.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 - New conditions and exceptions conifguration

Improved template editor

Apart from full blown HTML design capabilities and support for Active Directory (and other) variables, the new template editor includes:

  • A built-in graphical email layout tool, which lets you easily manage the positioning of headers, side banners, signatures and disclaimers in email conversations,
  • New, smoother interface,
  • New library of pre-defined signature, banner and disclaimer templates,
  • New HTML source code view, with support for Active Directory, message property and other placeholders, which allow for easy hyperlink font and color definition, linking to users’ personal social media profiles, putting hyperlinks pulled from AD in images, and more.

In short: a personalized signature under every latest email reply/forward is just one of many tasks the PRO 2.0 template editor lets you accomplish.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 - New improved WYSIWYG template editor

Multiserver environment support

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 is equipped with technologies, which make it perfect even for enormous organizations. Users appointed to manage rules can focus on their job, while the Exchange Rules Pro Services automatically distribute settings between any number of servers and ensure that emails are processed correctly, without creating queues.

Additionally, all server-side services can be supervised from one place via the client-side Server Monitor feature. The tool also displays mail flow information and generates detailed log files that report on message processing and operation of all services.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 - Built-in Server Monitor tool

Remote access to rules (even from outside of the domain) + API

Users now have the ability to use the Administration Panel to manage rules (within the confines of rights granted by the Administrator) from pretty much anywhere on Earth, as long as they are connected to the Internet. Furthermore, the availability of API lets developers create web-based rule management interfaces (e.g. for mobile users) or integrate CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO with 3rd party solutions.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 - Managing access rights to rules

User-friendly UI

We’ve transformed the user’s interface completely. In version 2.0 it’s smoother and more functionality-oriented, letting you find, access and configure the most important options quicker than before. The UI is now not only instantly familiar to new users, but also simply works faster.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 - New user's interface

Advanced rule scheduling

In response to user requests, we extended the scope of rule scheduling options. This means that version 2.0 can be configured to automatically activate rules not only within custom time ranges, but also in various recurrence patterns (on weekends, every day from 9am to 5pm, during the holiday season every year, etc.).

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 - New scheduler with advanced options

Tools for multitenant environments (hosted Exchange)

In the new version, we’ve included a set of tools designed to simplify the usage of the program in multitenant environments, such as those maintained by Exchange hosting companies. The administrator can now set up separate profiles for individual tenants and then use the CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 API to integrate the program with existing web interfaces set up for users.

Support for email aliases

A minor change, but important for organizations where users have multiple email aliases and want, for example, different rules to be applied depending on what alias they use.

New Sent Items Update option

Now you can limit the scope of users or groups who will see the effects of rules being applied on messages in their Sent Items folders.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 - New Sent Items Update option

Custom placeholders editor

Just a small graphical something we’ve cooked up for the AD aficionados out there who’d love to see the obscurest of the obscure LDAP attributes pulled into their signatures.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 - Custom placeholders editor

How to upgrade to version 2.0

If you already use CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO version 1.x or any other product from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family, you can upgrade/migrate to CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 at a discounted price. For pricing and ordering details, go to the Prices page.

The technical side of the upgrade is very simple - you just install CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 on top of your current product and then import existing settings using the Import previous version settings... option. For more information see this article.

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