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Why should you upgrade CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro to version 2.10?

Well, since the last release of 1.x series, CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro has been continuously developed and improved. Additionally, the application gained a completely refurbished user interface as well as a set of new features.

Here is a list of some of the most important improvements you can find in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro since version 2.0 was released:

Completely new architecture that makes the program more reliable and efficient

The software’s architecture has been rebuilt from the ground up, making the program more efficient and stable. It now consists of 2 separate modules:

Exchange Rules Pro Service - A set of services installed on all mail processing servers in an organization. It is responsible for propagating settings between servers, managing the work of Transport Agents, ensuring correct execution of rules and dealing with message queues.

Administration Panel - A client module that can be installed on any number of locations within or outside a domain. This is where you can design and manage rules. The Administration Panel communicates with all Exchange Rules Pro Services in a domain.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0 - New architecture

Completely revamped UI - more intuitive, user-friendly and faster

We’ve redesigned the user interface completely. In version 2.10, it’s smoother and more functionality-oriented, letting you find, access and configure the most important options quicker than before. The UI is now not only instantly familiar to new users but also works faster. Additionally, the rule criteria are configured using clear logical clauses, which can describe literally any imaginable scenario. 

Completely new GUI

Remodeled and improved Editor 

The refreshed Editor allows you to be creative when designing email signature templates. Active Directory (and other) variables are supported; you can also enhance your HTML signatures with images, user photos, hyperlinks, social media icons, and more.

New improved WYSIWYG template editor

Restore images removed by iPhone and iPad 

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2 solves the problem of iOS mobile devices removing images from replies and forwards. Since the release of version 2.10, the program allows you to restore images removed by iPhones and iPads so that signatures in replies and forwards look exactly the same as on the desktop email clients. 

Restore images removed by iPhone

Role-based access control

The access rights management is based on roles and allows you to easily restrict/assign view, edit and delete rights to selected users and rules. It means that you can, for example, delegate email signature control to the Marketing Department and be sure that they will have no access to other program's features like Server Monitor or log files.  

Access rights control

Multiserver environment support

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.10 supports all Windows Server and Exchange Server versions from 2016 to 2007 as well as works in multi-server environments. All server-side services can be supervised from one place via the client-sided Server Monitor feature.   

How to upgrade to version 2.10

The upgrade to CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.10 is payable, but we offer 50% discount for our current customers who want to upgrade from version 1.x. For example, the cost of an upgrade of 100 licenses to version 2.10 would be $328 (and not $655 - which is the regular price for 100 licenses). For pricing and ordering details, go to the  Prices page.

The technical side of the upgrade is simple - you just need to export your current settings, download the latest version 2.10 of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro and install it on top of your current installation. Then, import the old settings using the Settings Importer tool. All your old settings will be easily converted to the new version’s format. For more details click here.


If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, do not hesitate to contact CodeTwo Customer Success team.