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Support for hybrid environments

A hybrid environment allows businesses to reap the benefits offered by on-premises Exchange Server as well as Office 365. However, mail flow and email signature management in such an environment can be tricky, especially when you have mailboxes split between on-premises and cloud. Still, there is a convenient solution to this problem – CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro allows for centralized management of email messages in hybrid environments with centralized mail transport enabled. By routing all emails through your on-premises Exchange Server, where the program is installed, it is also possible to manage messages sent by Office 365 users. In this scenario, you will be able to manage all user mailboxes in your organization if:

  • all mailboxes are located in the on-premises part of the environment, or
  • the mailboxes are divided between on-prem and cloud environments.

In case of hybrid environments where user mailboxes are hosted only in Office 365, you can use our email signature and disclaimer management software – CodeTwo Email Signature for Office 365.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro also supports the Sent Items Update (SIU) service that lets a user see the added signatures in the Sent Items folder. This will work regardless of whether the email was sent from Office 365 or on-premises Exchange.

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Support for hybrid environments


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