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  • Centrally managed email signatures, disclaimers, marketing banners and email flow control
  • Support for all email clients (including Outlook and mobiles)
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Scalability, multi-tenant and multi-server environment support

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is designed to ensure that the high efficiency of settings' propagation and message processing is in no way affected by the size of your organization or number of servers.

At the most basic level, CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro consists of two components: the Administration Panel and the set of admin controlled self-sufficient services. Individual services are aware of all other service instances operating within your organization. This lets them handle messages, apply rules and manage queues with equal ease on a single server as well as on a 1,000+ server farm.

From the end-user's point of view, the server administrator modifies settings and applies rules via a convenient user interface. It is also possible to delegate selected rule configuration duties to other (domain or external) users create tenant profiles and even, by using the available API, allow access to the program's features via custom web, desktop or mobile apps.

Key features:

Find out how CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro helped Exchange Server administrators manage email flow, content and signatures at Telmex (Mexico's telecommunications giant), UNICEF France and other companies around the world...

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro - Scalability, multi-tenant and multi-server environment support


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