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Remove or mask sensitive content in Exchange mail

Sensitive data, such as personal information, medical and financial records, source code or credit card number, should never be sent via email without adequate consent or supervision. This is crucial especially in the wake of different data protection acts, such as the GDPR or CCPA. However, there may be situations where such data is sent either mistakenly, due to users’ lack of attention, or even deliberately. That is why it is crucial for every business to implement system-level data protection mechanisms that will also apply to emails.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro lets you deploy rule-based data protection filters directly on your Exchange server to prevent sensitive data leakage.  The program allows you to scan emails in search of sensitive content that is not meant for unauthorized users. Once found, this content, including exact words or phrases, is automatically removed, masked or replaced with any other wording.

Key sensitive data protection features:

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Remove sensitive content general


The DLP rules can be triggered by various conditions, e.g. phrases or keywords found in messages.
You can either specify your own keywords and dictionaries or use one of over 30 predefined categories.
The program fully supports phrases based on wildcards and regular expressions.
Whenever the program detects a sensitive phrase, it can remove, mask or replace it. The program can also perform additional actions, e.g. forward or block the email.

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