CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

  • Centrally managed email signatures, disclaimers, marketing banners and email flow control
  • Support for all email clients (including Outlook and mobiles)
  • Used by thousands of companies around the world
  • Windows Server certified
  • Gold Award »

30-day free trial with support;
no credit card required


The license for the software is perpetual - you do not need to renew it annually. The Support contract expires after one year. What does technical support include?

All prices shown on the website are net of Value Added Tax and any other taxes or duties.

Quick access:

New license

The chart below shows the prices for CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro divided according to the number of users. You need to purchase the license pack covering the number of users the software will be used for. For purchases of over 1000 licenses please contact our sales or request a quotation.

Show prices in:
No. of mailboxesPrice Discounted Support Price per year*
50 $ 545 $ 110
75 $ 785 $ 158
100 $ 983 $ 197
125 $ 1 181 $ 236
150 $ 1 379 $ 276
200 $ 1 574 $ 315
250 $ 1 775 $ 356
300 $ 1 979 $ 396
350 $ 2 171 $ 434
400 $ 2 369 $ 474
500 $ 2 567 $ 513
625 $ 3 062 $ 612
750 $ 3 206 $ 641
875 $ 3 395 $ 680
1000 $ 3 584 $ 717
Above 1000Request a quotation

* The Support prices in the table above are discounted and apply if you purchase the Support contract along with a new CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro license or you renew your existing Support contract while it is still valid (to maintain continuity). Otherwise, please see the Standard pricing for the Support contract.

Additional licenses

If the current license pack is not sufficient to serve all mailboxes, you can buy an extension. The price for the additional license packs is shown below.

Customers who originally purchased packages for 50 and 75 mailboxes can buy additional licenses only at a standard new license price.

Show prices in:
No. of mailboxesPrice Support Price per year
25 $ 296 see the text
50 $ 429
75 $ 627
100 $ 785
125 $ 941
150 $ 1 098
200 $ 1 259
250 $ 1 419
300 $ 1 577
350 $ 1 733
400 $ 1 892
500 $ 2 046
625 $ 2 442
750 $ 2 559
875 $ 2 709
1000 $ 2 867
Above 1000Request a quotation

* If you have a valid Support contract and are currently buying additional licenses, you will be asked to purchase the license pack which covers the number of additional users. The price equals the Support Price for new licenses and is reduced according to the used period of your Support contract. See the details on how the Support Price is calculated.

Upgrade to version 2

The users who purchased CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.4 and have maintained the Support contract continuity, can upgrade at no additional charge.

Show prices in:
No. of mailboxesPrice Support Price per year
50 $ 273 see the text
75 $ 393
100 $ 492
125 $ 591
150 $ 690
200 $ 788
250 $ 888
300 $ 990
350 $ 1 086
400 $ 1 185
500 $ 1 284
625 $ 1 532
750 $ 1 604
875 $ 1 698
1000 $ 1 793
Above 1000Request a quotation

* If you have a valid Support contract and are currently ordering an upgrade of your program or migrating to a different program, technical support of which is more expensive than the one you have now, you will only be asked to pay a price difference. Since upgrades or migrations do not extend your Support contract, the price will be reduced by the used period of your Support contract.

Free trial version

A free 30-day trial version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can be downloaded here. The trial version has the same features as the full version of the program. If you need more time to test the program, please contact us.

Learn more about the trial version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

Ordering details

You can pay for the software by credit/debit card, wire transfer or send us a purchase order. Credit/debit card payments are handled by Braintree (a PayPal service). Submitting your credit card information on CodeTwo's website is safe as our order system uses only TLS encrypted and verified connections to process your payment. CodeTwo does not store your credit card information in any form. CodeTwo is PCI compliant.

CodeTwo is PCI compliant

What does Support contract include?

Support contract benefits

A valid Support contract gives you a number of benefits:

  • Free upgrades for the product or discounts for migration to similar products (if you have a valid Support contract and have maintained a Support contract continuity).
  • Full access to our online knowledge base.
  • 24/5 access to our technicians by email or phone. They will answer all the questions concerning our products and will assist in addressing potential technical issues.
  • 24-hour response time guarantee.
  • Assistance comprehensively provided by the same specialist (unless he/she is out of office).

Definition and benefits of Support contract continuity

The Support contract continuity means that you purchased a Support contract together with the product and extended its validity when required.

For example, if you purchased CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO together with a one-year Support contract, you meet the conditions of the Support contract continuity for 12 months since the time of your purchase. If you fail to renew the Support contract before it expires, you will not maintain the Support contract continuity and will lose the benefits of it.

If you maintain Support contract continuity, you can get a free upgrade or a discount if you want to migrate to another CodeTwo software. What is an upgrade?

For example:

  • If you have CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2, you can get a free upgrade to CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 3 if the new version comes out.
  • If you have CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2, you can get a discount if you want to migrate to a similar product (e.g. CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365)

Migration from CodeTwo Exchange Rules

If you have a license for CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 and would like to benefit from the advanced features of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro (manage automatic replies, control email attachments, add an unsubscribe mechanism, and more), you can migrate to the Pro version at a discounted price. To learn about the migration cost, go to the second step of the order form or request a quotation.

See a full comparison of features available in CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

Migration to CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 – discounts & benefits

If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro but you want to migrate from on-premises Exchange to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) and you need a cloud-based email signature solution, you can purchase CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 at a lower price. You can easily move your email signature rules and signature templates with you (learn more).

And if you want to ensure swift and completely secure migration of your mailboxes, we can help you with that as well.

Contact us to check out discounts we offer to our current customers!