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Legal email compliance for Exchange

Keeping your IT infrastructure, especially email servers, compliant with legal regulations can be extremely challenging. Implementing DLP, data inspection, email control and reporting, as well as attachment management on Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013 or 2010 can get the administrators a lot of headaches. However, there is no need to take any pills for that reason as there is an effective remedy to all this – CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.

The program comes with more than a dozen useful email actions. This, combined with an enormous set of conditions, exceptions, rule options and over 30 DLP dictionaries, gives you countless implementation scenarios, many of which can help you stay compliant with legal regulations applying to emails.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro lets you:

CodeTwo ER Pro - Legal email compliance

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How CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can help you stay compliant with related legal acts

Applying automatic email rules with CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro will help you stay in keeping with some aspects of the below-mentioned acts. Please bear in mind that these are just suggestions on how CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can help you comply with these regulations. If you want to be sure all legal requirements concerning those acts are fulfilled in your country, ask your lawyer for professional legal advice.


CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro comes with predefined solutions (rules) that can will help you keep your email server safe.
There are over 30 DLP dictionaries available out-of-the-box in the program. You can use them to identify sensitive or classified data on the fly and perform certain actions based on rules.
Data loss prevention and email compliance actions include masking or removing keywords found in messages, notifying data protection officers about security breaches, blocking and forwarding emails, and more.
With CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro in place, you can be sure that each outgoing email is stamped with a disclaimer that contains all the necessary legal, regulatory, and risk information.