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Customer Case Study

Wealth Enhancement Group

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro Case Study by Wealth Enhancement Group

Company description

Wealth Enhancement Group is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based financial planning and advisory services firm with locations throughout the upper Midwest. The company is a receiver of many awards and accolades, which recognize their excellence in wealth management. 


To follow legal requirements, the company wanted to implement Exchange disclaimers for 175 users. They also wanted to revamp their marketing branded look by adding unified graphics to all outgoing emails. Exchange 2010 Hub Transport was not up to the task and they had to resort to a third-party solution.


Daniel Pothier, SVP – Technology of Wealth Enhancement Group, came across CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. He said the program is "very easy to use. It's powerful and easy to set up and test the first rule without reading a manual. It also has many features I didn't expect". "The tool automates a lot of our work. I don't think we have even begun to use it, despite having implemented what we bought it for. Nonetheless, we weren't really able to implement a compliance requirement without it."


Company name:Wealth Enhancement Group
Number of employees:165
Number of emails processed every day:10,000
Server type:Exchange 2010
Number of servers:2
Problems:Inability to enforce compliance required signature disclaimers and marketing branded look.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro
Installation type:company-wide
Installation time:6 hours

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