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Customer Case Study

St Andrew’s College

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro Case Study by St. Andrew’s College

Company description

St Andrew's College in Grahamstown, South Africa was founded in 1855. The prestigious, innovative and independent Anglican boarding school caters for 450 boys from all over the world, from the eighth grade to high school. 


The school employs several hundred employees and shares the IT infrastructure with two other facilities. The administrators tried to set up an organization-wide policy for email signatures and disclaimers to ensure a unified and professional design, but the task absorbed a lot of time and took the focus away from other important work. 


Anton Redelinghuys, the IT Administrator at St Andrew's College, saw that he was wasting a lot of time on enforcing a uniform design for signatures and disclaimers for employees' emails. When looking for a centrally managed automatic alternative to Hub Transport rules he soon found CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro and installed it on his Exchange Server 2010. In only 30 minutes he was able to create rules in the program that inserted a standard footer in every outgoing message. An intervention on the part of the end user was no longer necessary. "CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is a well thought out and written piece of software which does exactly what it's advertised to do and which does it well." Mr. Redelinghuys said. "Prior to implementation, we struggled to maintain uniformity of signatures and disclaimers across the three school campuses which we as an IT department are responsible for. After implementation it’s an absolute breeze, freeing up IT resources for other tasks." - he added.


Company name:St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown, South Africa
Number of employees:370
Number of emails processed every day:ca. 4000
Server type:Exchange 2010
Number of servers:1
Problems:Implementation of a centralized policy for email signatures and disclaimers
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro
Installation type:1800 mailboxes
Installation time:30 minutes

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