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Customer Case Study

PKP Energetyka

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro Case Study by PKP Energetyka

Company description

PKP Energetyka was founded in 2001. The company is one of the major sellers and distributors of electricity, including electric traction power for rail carriers in Poland. They also construct, improve and maintain electrical systems. 


Before trialing CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, PKP Energetyka's IT department faced issues related to implementing uniform email disclaimers and signatures with graphics in Exchange mail. It was absolutely essential for the company to find and install centralized email signatures management software that would be able to stamp 5,000 outgoing messages daily. They also needed to use Active Directory fields to populate data of 2,200 users to email signatures on the fly.


Jaroslaw Strzopa, IT Specialist of PKP Energetyka, found CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro on an internet forum while looking for email management tools that would tackle his company's issues. "CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro had all we needed", said Strzopa. "This tool lets us easily create a company-wide signature with Active Directory placeholders which were of the most importance to me. It was also really straightforward to attach a company logo to each signature."


Company name:PKP Energetyka
Number of employees:8,000
Number of emails processed every day:5,000
Server type:Exchange 2010
Number of servers:2
Problems:uniform signatures with Active Directory fields, adding logos and graphics to signatures
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro
Installation type:2,200 mailboxes
Installation time:4 weeks (including Active Directory updates)

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