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Customer Case Study

City of Westfield

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO - Case Study by City of Westfield

Company description

The City of Westfield is located in the state of Indiana in the USA, north of Indianapolis, and has about 30,000 inhabitants.


The municipality of Westfield has 180 employees. They wanted to unify the layout of email signatures in a business correspondence. To this end, a native Exchange Server 2010 signature and disclaimer policy was considered as a possible solution. However, the formatting options offered by Exchange 2010 were too modest and inflexible to allow designing a complex HTML email signature template. Another stumbling block was the plain text formatting of iPhone messages that they needed to overcome.


Brent Hardling, IT Administrator of Westfield, was already a long time user of CodeTwo Active Directory Photos - the free tool from CodeTwo which enables management of users' photos in Active Directory. He noticed that CodeTwo also had in its portfolio an email signature manager for all editions of Microsoft Exchange starting from 2007, so it was an obvious choice for Mr. Hardling to take a closer look at CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. One week of testing was enough to convince him to deploy the software in the production environment - "The vast amount of options and flexibility the software provides is very impressive. This software allows us to do much more complex rules without impactful server load." Mr. Hardling is happy with the range of features offered by CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO - "It allowed us to implement the signature very quickly.  It also gives us the ability to address issues with iPhones defaulting to plain text, which cannot be done in the native Transport Rules."


Company name:City of Westfield
Number of employees:180
Number of emails processed every day:n/a
Server type:Exchange 2010
Number of servers:1
Problems:Introduction of a complex HTML signature for business emails sent from PCs and mobile devices
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro
Installation type:180 mailboxes
Installation time:1 week

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