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Email attachment control on Exchange Server

Email attachments can have a huge impact on the overall performance and security of the IT infrastructure, especially in terms of compliance with data privacy laws. They directly affect the mailbox database capacity on Exchange Server and are potential carriers of malware and viruses. At the same time, email attachments are crucial in business communication as users need to exchange files that contain offers, invoices, quotations, etc. Very often, email attachments contain personal data that needs to be subjected to the principles of GDPR, CCPA and similar data privacy regulations and cannot be processed by unauthorized employees. For that reason, applying tailored email attachment control policies, which protect a company’s business network and allow users to send and receive specific files only, is crucial for every organization.

Although Exchange Server has some built-in features incorporated into mail flow rules (transport rules), these rules lack several functionalities that would allow you to fully control attachments in emails. By using mail flow rules only, it is not possible, for example, to remove, compress or archive these attachments. You also cannot configure these rules to automatically add files to emails. This feature could come in handy for auto-replies send by your Sales team or for general marketing correspondence.

This is where CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro makes the difference. You can overcome these limitations by adding the following features to your Exchange environment:

  • Remove attachments from emails according to file size, or type, message direction, message header or sender’s/recipient’s properties
  • Compress attachments that exceed a given file size limit
  • Block attachments with given extension or exceeding a given number of bytes
  • Forward emails with attachments to your Data Protection Officer
  • Save attachments to a dedicated network drive and notify recipients
  • Add attachments automatically to emails according to rules
  • Implement your own attachment control policies to ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA and similar data protection laws.

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Attachment control


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