CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

  • Centrally managed email signatures, disclaimers, marketing banners and email flow control
  • Support for all email clients (including Outlook and mobiles)
  • Used by thousands of companies around the world
  • Windows Server certified
  • Gold Award »

30-day free trial with support;
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CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro API and SDK (for Exchange hosting companies and developers)

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro includes its own WCF based API working over the HTTP protocol.

The API allows users to create custom web (e.g. ASP.NET, Java EE), desktop (e.g. Windows Forms, WPF) and mobile (e.g. Android/iOS using Xamarin) applications with extensive email rule management and email signature capabilities. Here are just a few examples of what you can achieve using our API:

  • As an Exchange hosting provider, you can install CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro in your environment and give your clients/tenants completely new features such as centrally managed email signatures and banners, and other email flow features your competition doesn't have.
  • Create your own application to let your coworkers run email marketing campaigns or edit users' signatures e.g. from a mobile device or from your own application.
  • Let your marketing team use your own email branding platform, with real-time configuration of email signatures, banners, attachments and more.

What’s included in the Exchange Rules Pro SDK?

  • Compiled libraries for .NET platforms with API classes
  • Sample web app which you can use to kick-start a dev project
  • Links to full API documentation (including code examples)

Interested in using the API and SDK?

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