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Logos, photographs and banners in email signatures on MS Exchange

With CodeTwo Exchange Rules you can now easily add graphics to employees’ email signatures and disclaimers. No matter if you only want to implement a company logo, or stamp each email with an individual photo of the sender - this program has you covered. It will also open up completely new marketing opportunities, since it enables inserting email banners to messages without the need of changing anything on the client machines.

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Adding all sorts of logos or graphics to user’s email footers on Exchange Server is no longer a hitch. With CodeTwo Exchange Rules, you can do that just exactly the same way, as if you were using Microsoft Word or any other well-known text editor. You can either insert static images, like logos or social media icons, or use the dynamic image feature, which pulls graphics from a specially designed hot folder. Graphics located in such a folder are inserted to messages randomly, or in a sequence. This feature is perfect for running email marketing campaigns. Ask your marketing guys, they will love it.

Thanks to the new version of the program, each sender can now have their individual photo added to the email signature. How does it work? The program adds signatures based on Active Directory criteria, and each template can be filled with user’s individual data on the fly. The dynamic placeholders are replaced with Active Directory values after the message is being sent. One of the user’s properties that can be used in this scenario is the thumbnailPhoto attribute. If you use the {Photo} placeholder while composing the signature, available in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules editor, your users will have their Active Directory thumbnails attached to outgoing messages. It’s as simple as that.

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If you need a convenient tool for uploading photos to Active Directory, we’ve got one for you too. Check out CodeTwo Active Directory Photos. It’s completely free.

To find out how easy it is to insert images in CodeTwo Exchange Rules, see CodeTwo Signature Template Editor - user's manual.

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