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What is an email disclaimer?

An email disclaimer is a common segment of text prepended or appended to all emails in an organization. The purpose of using it is to:

  • inform about the legal status of emails (e.g. whether they can be used to enter into contracts),
  • lower risk of privacy or confidentiality breaches,
  • guarantee legal compliance (e.g. with laws requiring businesses to provide selected company information, notify about collection or screening of data, etc.),
  • advise recipients on preferred treatment of emails,
  • control the legal repercussions of emails and their contents.

Since laws regarding email disclaimers (and electronic correspondence in general) are different in every country, take a moment to find out what they are and ensure that you're following them to the letter. Otherwise, you run the risk of unexpected damage, which could be anything from antagonizing your recipients, to being forced to pay fines or reparations.

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Create email disclaimers centrally

Creating email disclaimers and automatically inserting them in selected places in email conversations is easy when you use CodeTwo Exchange Rules. The program is equipped with a library of predefined disclaimers and a WYSIWYG disclaimer editor which allows for creating designs in HTML, RTF and Plain Text formats. Additional management options include placement configuration, handling of disclaimers in replies/forwards, triggering and suppressing via keywords, basing disclaimer rules on users' Active Directory properties, scheduling disclaimers, and many more. It's everything you need to manage email disclaimers on Exchange Server and with more options than what Exchange Admin Center offers.

Email disclaimers on Exchange Server:

If you need a similar program to add disclaimers to emails but in Office 365 (Microsoft 365), check out CodeTwo Email Signatures 365.