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Customer Case Study

The Society for Family Health, Nigeria.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family - CS - The Society for Family Health

Company description

The Society for Family Health is one of Nigeria's largest non-governmental organizations. Its mission is to empower Nigerians, particularly the poor and vulnerable to lead healthier lives.


SFH, with their 500 employees, wanted to broadcast their proactive messages via email banners and automatically inserted email footers in all outbound correspondence, which makes around 400+ emails a day. Due to Hub Transport Server's complicated handling, SFH has faced the following issues:

  • inability to quickly advertise their products through email banners that are frequently modified and broadcasted in all outbound correspondence
  • adding personalized email signatures pulling information from Active Directory
  • displaying banner and disclaimer for all external email


Jude Fegbada from the Society for Family Health was looking for a tool that would not only let them quickly fix all the above-mentioned issues, but also was easy-to-use so even technically inexperienced users would be able to administer it without any problems. He found CodeTwo Exchange Rules after a short Google search and installed it in SFH's server environment. "My first impression was based strictly on the program's capabilities described on CodeTwo's website. The soft is very flexible, robust, easy to use, and you don't need to be very technical to understand it", Fegbada said. "With CodeTwo's software I can attach banners to emails based on any campaign programme we are organising. I can also create signatures for mails sent inside the organisation, and I am able to apply rules based on department, OU, individual, groups etc. CodeTwo Exchange Rules is a programme I can recommend to anybody thanks to its simplicity and functionality. I feel very comfortable using this software and I really appreciate the flexibility and strength of the application.


Company name:Society for Family Health, Nigeria
Number of employees:500
Number of emails processed every day:400+
Server type:Exchange 2010
Number of servers:1
Problems:quickly create signatures with AD placeholders and email banners, automatic email footers for internal and external correspondence, running email marketing actions.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010
Installation type:company-wide (500 mailboxes)
Installation time:20 minutes

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