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Customer Case Study

MLM Group

Company description

MLM Group, formed in 1966, is a leader in multidisciplinary design, compliance and specialist training, providing its services across the UK and internationally. MLM Group is one of the UK’s largest privately owned engineering, environmental and building control consultancies. 


The main problem MLM Group faced was inconsistency in email signature appearance. All users set up their own signatures on their PCs and mobile devices, which resulted in the company brand guidelines not being followed. Having this in mind, MLM Group decided to implement a solution that would help the company centrally control and standardize email signature design for all users. 


Rob Pearson, the representative of MLM Group, found the CodeTwo solution along with another signature provider on the Internet. However, as he noted that “CodeTwo was the much better solution”, the company decided to use CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 for central email signature management. The first few moments were enough for Mr. Pearson to notice that “the software is intuitive to use and doesn’t take long to learn”. He also admitted that “CodeTwo immediately appeared to be a solution to company’s problems by attaching the email signatures at the server side”. As the program is managed centrally and inserts email signatures directly on Exchange Server, it allowed MLM Group to unify signatures and comply with the company’s branding rules. Thanks to the CodeTwo solution, “employees no longer need to set up their own email signatures which saves them time and confusion.” Mr. Pearson also added that as signatures take the employee details from the company’s Active Directory, they can stay assured that “important items such as qualifications and job titles are always correct”.


Company name:MLM Group
Number of employees:450
Number of emails processed every day:13,000
Problem:Inconsistency in email signature design controlled and set up individually by users. The company’s brand guidelines not being followed.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010
Implementation type:750 mailboxes
Implementation time:A couple of hours, mainly creating the signatures

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