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Customer Case Study

JMP Engineering Inc.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family - CS - JMP Engineering Inc.

Company description

JMP Engineering Inc. has been in business since 1987 with offices across Canada and the United States. JMP provides control system integration, automation systems and data collection systems to manufacturers and processing facilities around the world.


Since JMP Engineering Inc. employ 115 people that usually send around 4000 emails a day, they quickly faced the problem of inconsistent signatures, with incorrect formatting. Prior to installing CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010, every slight change to the signature template required action from over 100 people and it usually led to formatting issues. The company needed an easy-to-use, but yet flexible solution that would allow them to change marketing texts in every user signature in a way simpler manner.


Dave Riehl, Network Administrator at JMP Engineering Inc. came across CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 at a Microsoft community forum. The program was recommended from other system administrators as a simple and reliable solution for managing signatures and disclaimers on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. According to Dave Riehl the initial configuration took very little time and it quickly turned out that CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 is exactly what they were looking for. “We can now change the signatures, marketing text and legal disclaimer for over 100 people in as little as 10 seconds. This product is great!”, says Riehl.

According to Riehl, one of the greatest things about the program is that it fully integrates with Active Directory and requires no users’ interference by applying changes to signatures designs. The signature template is stored centrally on the server and users’ individual information is pulled automatically from AD after the email is sent. The program works with any mail client connected to Microsoft Exchange, including smartphones and handhelds.


Company name:JMP Engineering Inc
Number of employees:115
Number of emails processed every day:2000-5000
Server type:Microsoft Exchange 2010
Number of servers:1
Problems:Applying changes to marketing texts in users’ signatures from one place.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010
Installation type:120 mailboxes
Installation time:2 hours

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