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Customer Case Study

Helping Hand Aged Care

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family - CS - Helping Hand Aged Caren

Company description

Helping Hand Aged Care is a non-profit Uniting Church affiliated organization, which has been providing high quality aged care in South Australia since 1953. It provides innovative and broad range of residential and community based services, enabling the best feasible quality of life for older people.


The main issue they had in regards to email services was that there was no professional way to attach an organizational disclaimer and in turn provide some protection to their organization from liability in a court of law.


The company had been using CodeTwo Exchange Rules for 4 years and they migrated to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 simply by contacting CodeTwo Tech Support. "When I state it’s easy, I mean I have had not one problem with this product at all -100% uptime for over 4 years! Never had to maintain or constantly check." – said Shane Wheeler, Senior Network Administrator of Helping Hand Aged Care.


Company name:Helping Hand Aged Care
Number of employees:500
Number of emails processed every day:1000
Server type:Exchange 2007
Number of servers:1
Problems:adding signatures and disclaimers to Exchange mail
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 (currently discontinued)
Installation type:company-wide
Installation time:1 day

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