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Customer Case Study

Exlar Corporation

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family - CS - Exlar

Company description

A privately held company established in 1986 - Exlar Corporation – is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and manufactures roller screw linear actuators, rotary servo motors, and electronic products for motion control applications.


Exlar mail servers process 12,000 emails every day. Prior to purchasing CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007, the company struggled with inconsistent and incomplete email signatures. Getting their employees to conform and use uniform email client based signatures was impossible. They also couldn't deploy a uniform email signature and disclaimer policy on Exchange and decided to go for a third-party product.


Jason Lathrop, Network Administrator of Exlar found CodeTwo's website doing a Google research for a product that would let them easily create and centrally manage all Exchange email signatures. It took him an hour to install and setup CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 in his organization. This program is "easy and exactly what we needed", said Lathrop. "Glad we decided to use this program. We would recommend this to anyone looking for a solution to email signatures, hands down!"


Company name:Exlar Corporation
Number of employees:175
Number of emails processed every day:12,000
Server type:Exchange 2007
Number of servers:27
Problems:No uniform signatures, incomplete signatures, getting users to conform.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 (currently discontinued)
Installation type:250 mailboxes – company-wide
Installation time:10 min install and 45 min design setup.

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