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Customer Case Study

Bauer Publishing House

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family - CS - Bauer

Company description

Bauer Publishing House (Wydawnictwo Bauer) has been operating since 1991 and is the biggest magazine publisher in Poland. It sells approximately 311,000,000 publications annually. 58% of Poles read at least one periodical published by Bauer.


Since there are 1,500 employees who send out about 15,000 emails every day, the company needed a uniform email signature layout and a tool that would let them centrally manage email signatures and make bulk, company-wide content changes if necessary.


Maciej Przygodzki, Server Administrator at Bauer Publishing House, realized Exchange Server out of the box has limited capabilities as far as email signature management is concerned, and thus it would not satisfy his needs. That is why he found CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 in Google. "CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 lets you swiftly and easily create an email signature corporate policy. The application is fast and does not influence Exchange performance" – Przygodzki said. "CodeTwo software allowed me to create different email signature templates and email signature rules for different departments in my company. The application has a very neat GUI, and the configuration is simple and intuitive. I will definitely recommend it to other users.


Company name:Bauer Publishing House - Wydawnictwo Bauer
Number of employees:1,500
Number of emails processed every day:15,000
Server type:Exchange 2007
Number of servers:6
Problems:uniform email signatures and disclaimers, centralized management of email signatures on Exchange.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 (currently discontinued)
Installation type:1,500 mailboxes
Installation time:3 months

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