CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2016

Email signature manager for Exchange 2016,
Outlook & mobiles


30-day free trial with support;
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Date Published: 26 Feb 2024
Latest Version:
Size: 40.3 MB

Supported platforms

Administration Panel:
Windows Server 2022 / 2019 / 2016(1)
Windows 11 / 10(2)

Support only for 64-bit versions

Exchange Rules Service:
Exchange Server 2016 - with Mailbox role installed

(1) If you can't find the program after the installation, consult this KB article.
(2) If the Administration Panel doesn't work after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1, you need to reinstall the application.


Version History

Data:26 Feb 2024
Nowość:You can now configure conditions (or exceptions) for your rules based on email headers. This lets you apply a specific action (e.g. add a signature) to emails that contain a defined header name, value, or both.
Date:17 Aug 2023
New:When configuring the Sent Items Update service in a hybrid environment, you can now manually configure the EWS connection to an Exchange server.
Fixed:In rare scenarios, images added by conditional placeholders would end up as attachments.
Fixed:Minor bug fixes.
Date:14 Sep 2022
New:Azure AD Graph API and Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) have been replaced with more secure and resilient Microsoft Graph API and Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL), respectively. These components are used when configuring the Sent Items Update service for a hybrid environment, which requires registering CodeTwo Exchange Rules in Azure Active Directory of a Microsoft 365 tenant.
New:The Microsoft 365 cloud step has been removed from the Sent Items Update configuration wizard for a hybrid environment. The Office 365 Germany cloud has been deprecated by Microsoft.
New:The new version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter now lets you automatically transfer rules with the Auto respond action to CodeTwo Email Signatures 365. The transferred rules are available in the signature management app, under the Autoresponders group.
New:Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher is now required to install the Administration Panel. The program’s installer can automatically download and install the required version of .NET Framework.
Fixed:Minor bug fixes.
Date:31 Jan 2022
New:New simplified version of the HTML template editor, designed for intuitive use. The simplified editor experience is available:
  • on the Secure messages tab in the program's settings,
  • in Rules Tester, when composing a test email.
New:Upon opening the template library, the user is now asked to allow the program to download predefined templates from an external (CodeTwo) resource.
Fixed:Fixed various image-related problems that might have occurred with templates:
  • that contained conditional placeholders,
  • created on the Secure messages tab in the program's settings.
Date:27 Oct 2021
Fixed:The Sent Items Update service when configured for a hybrid environment failed to connect to Microsoft 365 (Office 365) using the automatic application registration option after Microsoft enforced the requirement for Azure AD applications to use the default scheme or verified domains in their ID URI.
Fixed:Improved synchronization of settings between multiple instances of the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Service.
Date:10 Aug 2021
Fixed:The Sent Items Update service could not obtain an EWS URL by using the Autodiscover service when configured in environments with the latest Exchange Server updates installed.
Date:09 Jun 2021
New:New HTML signature template editor, designed to make composing signatures much easier, faster and more intuitive.
New:New signature template library. It contains many predefined signature templates that can be quickly customized before loading them into the editor for further processing. 
New:Conditional placeholders added to the signature template editor. This feature lets you create custom placeholders that can contain multiple values. Which value replaces a conditional placeholder in a signature depends on a set of user-defined conditions that are checked as the signature is added to an email. Conditional placeholders can be used e.g. to add a generic phone number to an email signature if a sender has no phone number specified in AD, or to insert different marketing banners for selected users only.
New:CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter, a stand-alone application that lets you automatically transfer your email signatures, signature adding rules and custom placeholders to the cloud signature product - CodeTwo Email Signatures 365.
Fixed:After reaching their recipients, encrypted or digitally signed emails to which the program applied a signature did not contain all the original email addresses specified in the To / CC fields.
Date:27 Oct 2020

Support for OAuth 2.0 authorization:

  • the Sent Items Update service uses OAuth 2.0 to connect to and communicate with Exchange Online;
  • to continue using the service in a hybrid environment, it is now necessary to register CodeTwo Exchange Rules in Azure Active Directory of the Microsoft 365 (Office 365) tenant configured in that environment. The program can perform the registration automatically (Microsoft 365 global admin account required), or you can choose to register the program yourself.
New:The program can now process messages that contain the CalendarPart property.
Fixed:The Sent Items Update service configured for a hybrid environment could not obtain an EWS URL by using the Autodiscover service.
Fixed:The Sent Items Update service could not find emails in the Sent Items folder if they were sent from Apple Mail installed on Mac computers.
Fixed:Messages for which an incident report was created by an Exchange Server would generate an error in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Transport Agent log despite being correctly processed by the program.
Fixed:After importing rules and setting from another CodeTwo product, some entries generated in a log file would be incorrectly marked as errors.
Fixed:Improved handling of encrypted and digitally signed emails.
Date:29 Jan 2020
New:Improvements to the QR Code image insertion mechanism. QR Codes can now also contain more characters.
New:The names of CodeTwo Exchange Rules services have been revised to avoid ambiguity.
New:Optimized handling of HTML email signatures.
Fixed:Inserting side banners or a header section to HTML emails that were missing the <body> tags would delete the contents of those emails.
Fixed:After selecting to remove previous occurrences of an email signature from a conversation thread, the program would also remove email reply separators if that signature ended with empty HTML paragraphs.
Fixed:On rare occasions, the Sent Items Update (SIU) service would fail to connect to certain Exchange environments via Exchange Web Services.
Fixed:Minor bug fixes.
Date:24 Jan 2019
Fixed:Minor bug fixes.
Date:18 Oct 2018
New:Support for the Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS 1.2) protocol.
Date:10 Sep 2018
New:In Exchange 2016 CU8 and newer, images embedded in email signatures were not visible in Outlook on the web (OWA).
Fixed:Minor UI improvements.
Date:23 May 2018
New:A new functionality in the Editor: Insert HTML snippet. It makes it easy to add one-click surveys (customer satisfaction surveys) to email signatures.
New:Enhancements in the Insert hyperlink option: automatic adding of Google, Matomo and Woopra campaign tracking parameters to hyperlinks.
Changed:Minor signature rule improvements and optimizations.
Changed:The Administration Panel is no longer supported on 32-bit machines. You can install it on 64-bit machines only.
Fixed:On rare occasions, the Sent Items Update (SIU) service did not update certain messages.
Date:20 Nov 2017
New:The Restore images removed by iPhone and iPad action. It restores images that were automatically removed from an email when responding from iPhone or iPad devices.
New:The Reply all option was added to the Rules Tester.
Fixed:It was not possible to download large log files via the Administration Panel.
Fixed:The color picker (available in the Editor or when assigning colors to rule categories) did not store defined custom colors.
Fixed:On some occasions, e.g. when opening an email with a non-standard encoding, the RTF source code of the message was displayed when an RTF signature was added.
Fixed:On some occasions, the Message type and Secure message type conditions did not work properly.
Fixed:Occasional delays in sending notifications when the trial version expired or the number of licenses was exceeded.
Fixed:If the keyboard shortcut Alt + S was used, the program submitted all the changes.
Fixed:Minor UI improvements.
Date:27 Feb 2017
Fixed:Improved HTML parsing of message body.
Fixed:Improved AD hierarchy checking mechanism.
Fixed:Optimization of the number of log file entries.
Date:28 Nov 2016
Fixed:Optimized processing of emails with message splitting enabled.
Fixed:The “Matches AD group” condition did not work correctly when configured using a group alias.
Fixed:Emails with a corrupted HTML source were getting their body removed when processed by the software.
Fixed:Code optimization and minor UI changes.
Date:02 Nov 2016
Fixed:Under certain conditions the rules scheduler worked improperly when weekly recurrence was configured.
Fixed:The footer positioning algorithm has been optimized.
Fixed:Users with limited permissions to Active Directory were not able to access some features of the software when access rights were customized.
Changed:Updated EULA.
Date:19 Sep 2016
Fixed:When updating the software installation where only services were present (no Administration Panel), old settings were not properly converted and the updated version run without executing any previously configured rules.
Fixed:In some scenarios Licensing module displayed wrong number of days left in Trial. Only Server Monitor displayed those correctly.
Fixed:Signatures added to some emails without body (e.g. sent from network-enabled scanners) contained question marks instead of special or national characters.
Fixed:In some emails without body (e.g. sent from network-enabled scanners) attachments list was duplicated after processing by the software.
Date:30 Aug 2016
Fixed:Some non-standard emails (e.g. sent from some network scanners) were unexpectedly stripped of attachments when processed by the program.
Fixed:The software installed in some Exchange 2016 environments would not process emails upon updating without manually restarting MS Exchange Transport service.
Date28 Jul 2016
New:A Sender/Recipient matches AD group condition has been added. The condition works with emails sent to or from a given AD group address, and it doesn’t work with emails sent to or from members of this group.
New:Hints on email rule configuration and mail signature editing features have been added.
Fixed:In specific and very large server environments with heavy email traffic some emails did not get an auto-signature due to email processing time outs.
Fixed:Some email signature images displayed as attachments in some email clients, e.g. on iPhone or Thunderbird.
Fixed:If the Scheduler in the Time range feature was set to a weekly or monthly recurrence pattern, and the rule activity time included midnight, the Scheduler did not activate the rules it was associated with. 
Fixed:It was impossible to create a new condition within an existing group of conditions in the Conditions/Exceptions tab.
Fixed:Some keywords defined in the Conditions/Exceptions tab were not removed if they were between some special characters.
Fixed:Some non-standard emails (e.g. sent from some network scanners) were not recognized by the program, and thereby auto-signatures were not appended.
Fixed:Minor bug fixes and code optimization.
Date17 May 2016
New:Access Rights feature has been rebuilt – it is now role based and allows the administrator to restrict access to Server Monitor, log files, program settings, individual tabs per rule, etc.
New:Saving a currently designed signature to the Template Library is now possible from within the Signature editor.
New:Rules edition auditing feature has been added. It is now possible to track who created and/or modified a rule, and when it happened.
New:Search field has been added to the list of rules.
New:Drag & drop and multi-selection actions are now possible on the list of rules.
New:Rules can now be categorized using colors.
Changed:Option "Create copy of the original message when updating Sent Items" is now switched off by default.
Fixed:Local administrator rights are no longer required to run the Administration Panel.
Fixed:Changes in the body of a new message which wraps secure and digitally signed emails could not be saved.
Fixed:Minor bug fixes and code optimization.
Date:01 Dec 2015
New:The first release of the program.