CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007

Email Disclaimers, Signatures, Branding for Exchange 2007, Outlook and mobiles

What's new in version 3.0

We've been working hard to deliver serious improvements in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007. What we ended up with is not only an updated product, but a completely new value with a whole set of new features. The majority of them are based directly on your feature requests. We are grateful for all your remarks! Please continue sending your comments to us at any time - we do read your messages and use your ideas to constantly develop our programs. (Contact us)

Below you will find some of the major improvements in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 3.0.

Brand new user's interface

It is not just a sleeker user's interface that is easy on the eyes. We've revamped the application and created a completely new interface from scratch. We've added new buttons for new features, and made all of the major settings more accessible. Most options are now accessible from the top menu, where they stay always at hand.

Here's what it looks like:

Brand new user's interface

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Remote access to the program's console

The new version of the program makes it so much easier to manage your signatures and disclaimers from remote locations. The new “Connect to” button enables administrators to connect to other CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 agents in the given domain. If the only thing that needs to be done is replicate the same settings on other servers in the organization, the “Replicate settings to remote server” option makes it easy and quick. What's more, thanks to the built-in access rights management features and custom authentication mechanism, server admins can now give access rights for particular rules to other users. For instance, the Marketing Department can administrate a marketing campaign all by themselves, without having to access other important or confidential settings.

Remote access to the program's console

New Rules Tester

It is always a good idea to test your settings thoroughly after you finish creating your rules. In the new version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 you can test all your signatures and disclaimers rules with a built-in Rules Tester. The Rules Tester emulates a real mail client and allows you to send mock emails to Active Directory users and external SMTP addresses. The output is immediately visible in the Rules Tester window, but don't worry... this is just a test, and your messages are not sent for real.

New Rules Tester

Built-in scheduler and time-limited rules

There are times, e.g. during marketing campaigns, when you want a signature to be added within a specific period of time. The new CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 allows you to easily set time ranges for your signature settings. With a few clicks you can decide if a signature or marketing footer should be appended daily, weekly, monthly or within a predefined period only.

The new {Photo} placeholder

Since it is possible to store users' individual photos on Windows Server, they can be displayed in various places, including Outlook 2010 windows and address lists. Thanks to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 it is now possible to append these photos to outbound mail. Each employee can now have his or her image added to their signature. The image is pulled directly from the Active Directory thumbnailPhoto attribute. Using this feature will simply make your business correspondence more personalized and let your customers know your company better.

The new {Photo} placeholder

QR codes in email footers

Most of your email recipients may use mobile devices on a daily basis. Thanks to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 you can now let them quickly and easily copy e.g. your contact details onto their phones.

The new version of the program features a built-in QR code generator that will help you transform any text line or Active Directory field into a QR code and automatically insert it into the email signature.

Exchange Rules 2007 - What's new 3.0 4

Signatures as headers

Why not place a disclaimer above the message text instead of the footer? This simple move will help you stress important information and make sure the recipient notices it before they start reading the email. Version 3.0 of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 introduces custom headers that are always added at the very top of emails. Use it with legal notes, disclaimers or even users' signatures - thanks to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 it's finally possible!

User control over signatures

Signatures and disclaimers designed in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 are added to Exchange 2007 mail automatically. This process normally involves no user interaction. However, there are cases when we want to give people more control of their signatures. By using the footer forcing and suppressing features of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007, you can allow end-users to trigger or block specific signature rules by using defined phrases in emails. This simply gives them more control of what they send in their messages.

Exchange Rules 2007 - What's new 3.0 5

Library of graphics and ready-to-go templates

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 makes it extremely easy to insert images to email signatures. Thanks to an easy-to-use HTML editor, designing your own signature template with graphics is a snap. If you want to simplify this process even further, we have equipped the program with some beautifully designed, read-to-use signature templates and the rich library of images to help you quickly compose what you need.

Exchange Rules 2007 - What's new 3.0 6

Import/Export tool

You can export your settings if you need to migrate your server infrastructure, move or restore system settings, or to simply back up your data.

How to upgrade to version 3.0?

If you are already a CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 user, you can upgrade your program to version 3.0 by purchasing the new license for a fraction of the normal price. For detailed pricing, go to the Pricing section and check out the pricing list for upgrades from older versions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact CodeTwo Customer Service - they are always willing to help!

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