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CodeTwo Exchange Sync

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CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Two-Way Exchange Folders Synchronization

CodeTwo Exchange Sync will let you sync data between folders of Exchange server in a number of ways. The synchronization types can be divided into 2 types:

Two way synchronization of Exchange folders. Below you will find information on two-way syncing. If you want to learn about one-way synchronization go to this page.

Two-way synchronization involves a mutual exchange of data in a group of folders (two or more) i.e. in the so-called 'Folder ring'. When a change occurs to one of the folders in the ring, this is immediately propagated to all the remaining folders within this group.

For example, if we have 3 Exchange folders containing contacts that are scheduled for the two-way synchronization, by creating a contacts item in any of the folders, it will also be added in the remaining 2 folders. If in any folder the contact's phone number is updated, the change will automatically be reflected in the remaining 2 folders.

The two-way synchronization can be used in the following scenario: In the company there is a group of employees who need the same updated data in their folders at all times. These can be Sales Representatives who hunt for sales leads, add new contacts and update the existing items. Their databases must be automatically kept in sync at all times.