CodeTwo Exchange Sync

CodeTwo Exchange Sync

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CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Real-time Exchange Folders Synchronization

The synchronization of data between Exchange server folders occurs in real-time with CodeTwo Exchange Sync. This means each change made to any item in the source folder will in a split second propagate to the selected target folder(s).

All the syncing occurs in the background and is transparent to the user.

Real-time synchronization of Exchange folders


There are two general types for synchronization of data between Microsoft Exchange server folders. The sync can take place at fixed intervals or in real-time, just like in our application.

Also, there are several ways in which various applications will access Exchange server data. This is access through libraries: CDO, Outlook's API, WebDAV, EWS, and Extended MAPI. We always utilize Extended MAPI libraries in our applications, as the libraries of the lowest level that enable the best performance and the most advanced features.

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