CodeTwo Exchange Sync

CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Sync Exchange folders | Public Folders on mobile phones

CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Synchronize data between mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone) and Exchange public folders.

Let's assume there is a number of Sales Representatives in your company, who all need access to an updated contacts database of your clients. The shared client database is stored in a contacts folder that is a public folder on Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003 or SBS. The Sales Representatives usually work on-site outside the company and use mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones or Android. The problem is they cannot synchronize contacts on their handhelds with the Exchange server public folder as this is not technically possible without a third party app.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync solves this problem with a few clicks. You need to create a one-way synchronization task (One to Many) that will copy the data from the public folder to multiple contacts folder located in personal Exchange mailboxes of the Sales Reps. This will let them enjoy the updated customer database directly in their mailbox and easily sync this data with thier handhelds. As a result, the data from the public contacts folder will propagate to their mobile devices that are used outside the office.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync helps synchronize exchange folders with mobile devices (PDA, BlackBerry, devices based on Windows Mobile, etc.)

When an authorized person introduces a change to the company contacts database in the public folder, CodeTwo Exchange Sync will automatically transmit the modifications to the personal contacts folders of selected employees.

By using filters in CodeTwo Exchange Sync you can add more criteria for the synchronized items. For example, you can configure the program to sync only the items marked with a certain category.

In addition to the shared company contacts, your users can keep other personal contacts in their contacts folders. Because the synchronization goes in one direction only (in this example), i.e. from the public folder to the personal folder, the personal contacts will not replicate to the public folder and will not be visible to other users.