CodeTwo Exchange Sync

CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Sync Exchange folders | Public Folders on mobile phones

CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Data synchronization

  • All items support. The program allows synchronization between all available Exchange folders and Outlook item types.
  • Multi-direction sync. Data can be synced one way, from source to target folder, or two way, creating a folder ring.
  • Multiple source/target operation. Software supports various source-target scenarios, when items are synced from one folder to many, or the other way around.
  • Exchange Active Sync support. Data synced with CodeTwo Exchange Sync is also supported by EAS protocol.
  • Mobile client support. Access synced folders from any type of email client software connecting to Exchange, even mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry etc.).
  • Exchange Public Folders support. Data sync between personal and public folders.
  • Data filtering. While syncing, the program can filter out specific items based on custom made definitions, e.g. based on sender’s or recipient’s email, keywords found in the message’s subject, item’s “Private” state etc.
  • Modifiers. Almost like with filters, this feature allows to change the synchronized items while the program processes them, e.g. change the message’s subject, add a category or replace message’s sender.


  • One point installation. The program needs to be installed only in one point of the organization (e.g. on Exchange Server or a domain workstation with administrative access to Exchange).
  • Easy deployment. There is only one setup file with a typical installation wizard (next-next-finish)
  • Agent-less service. Software installs its own, independent service, without adding any transport agents or EMC plugins.
  • Per-server license. The license covers all users/mailboxes on the server, regardless of their number.


  • Independent interface. CodeTwo Exchange Sync is configured via its own, separate interface with an easy to use and clean GUI.
  • Real time sync. Since the program uses its own service, the synchronization works continuously, without scheduled intervals. All changes in Exchange folders are propagated automatically the moment they occur.
  • Multiple sync jobs. Software allows creating many different sync jobs, each with different direction, target and source servers, modifiers etc.
  • Background processing. Once the software is configured you can close its interface. All settings are applied in real time in the background by CodeTwo Exchange Sync system service.