CodeTwo Exchange Sync

CodeTwo Exchange Sync

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CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Easy Deployment and Setup

wizardDepending on your needs and requirements, CodeTwo Exchange Sync can be installed directly onto Exchange server or other platform, or even a workstation*. The only requirement is for the computer where the program is installed to be connected to the Microsoft Exchange server or servers that will participate in data synchronization.

By installing the application directly onto Exchange, you make sure less data travels through the network. If you install the application on a different machine, remember to choose a computer that is frequently powered on. Powering off the machine hosting CodeTwo Exchange Sync will mean the syncing cannot be performed. The queued sync jobs will execute the next time the application starts.

Similarly to all our applications, the deployment and setup of CodeTwo Exchange Sync is very easy and intuitive. In most cases, it can be performed without reading the documentation. However, a short guide to installation can prove helpful.

If necessary, the detailed guide to installing the program can be found in the User's Manual along with the in-depth application setup guide.

Feel free to contact our Customer Support if you have any questions or issues while deploying the program.

* A license that was purchased for Small Business Server (SBS) can be installed only on a machine equipped with Exchange from SBS package. The software cannot be installed