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Provid Projecten bv.Customer Case Study

Provid Projecten bv.

Company description

Provid Projecten specialize in providing equipment for audio-visual presentations. Their services include equipment rental as well as installation.


Provid Projecten use Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 for hosting their company email accounts. They also have several public calendars that are used in their everyday work for planning. Since Provid Projecten employees often work outside their office, these calendars need to be accessible from iOS and Android mobile phones. However, most mobile devices don’t support viewing Exchange public folders and that was the main issue the company faced.


Sander van Rosmalen of Provid Projecten found CodeTwo Exchange Sync on Google. He was encouraged by the 30 day fully functional trial option and the way the program was described by other users. Since the application was widely recommended and seemed to be able to handle Provid Projecten’s main problem of syncing public calendars to mobile devices, he decided to give CodeTwo Exchange Sync a try. According to van Rosmalen, the program is quick to install and extremely easy to use. The installation process was flawless and because of the clear and well-designed user interface he was able to immediately follow the logic of it. The total implementation time closed up within 3 hours and in opinion of Sander van Rosmalen, its simplicity that played the main role here. “The program has no spare options and REALLY is so easy to install.”, van Rosmalen says.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync solved Provid Projecten’s problem of viewing public schedules on iOS and Android phones. Public calendars from their Small Business Server are now pushed to users’ private mailboxes by means of CodeTwo Exchange Sync and that makes them accessible from any device working with an Exchange Server account.


Company name:Provid Projecten bv.
Number of employees:8
Number of emails processed every day:50
Server type:Microsoft Small Business Server 2011
Number of servers:1
Problems:Viewing public calendars on iOS and Android phones
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Sync
Installation type:Company-wide
Installation time:3 hours (with configuration)

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