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ESI Technology Group, Inc.Customer Case Study

ESI Technology Group, Inc.

Company description

ESI is a managed service provider established in 2010. Their main focus is to provide small- and mid-sector companies comprehensive and professional IT services.


One of ESI Technology Group customers expressed the need of sharing the calendar and contacts folder between 5 team members using Blackberry phones. The problem is that Blackberry devices aren’t capable of synchronizing mailbox items between one another. Since these people’s accounts are on a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 account, ESI Technology Group specialists searched for a server-based solution and tried a few different things, like custom programming, invite/accept meetings and software solutions of other software vendors. All to no avail, as these things didn’t work for them as well.


Ruben Gutierrez from ESI Technology Group found CodeTwo Exchange Sync while searching for alternatives for their previous ideas on the Web. After the installation he was able to quickly set up a synchronization task between the desired calendars and contacts folders. CodeTwo Exchange Sync program fully addressed the issue and satisfied ESI Technology Group customers in 100%. Here’s how Ruben Gutierrez describes his feelings about the program:

“CodeTwo with its synchronization tool allowed me to synchronize a Public Calendar with the Blackberry user’s mailbox, which will in turn synchronize the Blackberry devices. The biggest advantage of this is that users no longer have to invite/accept appointments, as soon as a user updates the public calendar or public contacts all the Blackberry user’s mailboxes get updated. The same thing happens when a Blackberry user updates his/her calendar or contacts.”


Company name:ESI Technology Group, Inc. (IT service provider)
Number of employees:4
Number of emails processed every day:2,000
Server type:Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Number of servers:10
Problems:Syncing calendars and contacts between Blackberry devices
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Exchange Sync
Installation type:5 mailboxes
Installation time:A few minutes.

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