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CodeTwo Exchange Sync

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CodeTwo Exchange Sync

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With CodeTwo Exchange Sync you will be able to apply completely new data synchronization scenarios in your organization, which couldn't be achieved just by using Exchange Server's native capabilities. Owing to the program, syncing Exchange public folders with users' private calendars, tasks, contacts and other custom elements is no longer a hitch. What is more, the program also enables the synchronization of data between selected users' mailboxes and solves the common problem of syncing Exchange public folders with mobile devices.

Application Key Features:

  • Unlimited synchronization and enhanced collaboration

    The program enables applying precise synchronization tasks on Exchange Server 2013, 2010 and 2007. Thanks to CodeTwo Exchange Sync it is possible to sync almost all types of Exchange folders between each other and in many different ways. This opens completely new possibilities as far as teamwork and online collaboration are concerned.

  • Sync public folders with mobile devices

    Many users struggle with the problem of syncing Exchange public folders with mobile devices. By using the basic settings of CodeTwo Exchange Sync it is possible to access the Exchange public folders from iPhone, Blackberry, tablets and Android phones.

  • One-Way Synchronization

    CodeTwo Exchange Sync lets you choose between various types of Exchange Server folders synchronization. The administrator can decide whether selected data is supposed to be synchronized in both or only one direction. When one-way syncing is set, additionally it can be performed in many different modes, such as One to One, One to Many or Many to One. This possibility makes the program a highly flexible tool, which can be precisely adjusted to the needs of a given team or company.

  • Two-Way Synchronization

    In two-way synchronization, the exchange of data between folders is performed in all directions. When a change is made to one of the linked folders, it will be immediately replicated to the other ones and vice versa. In this type of synchronization a so called 'Folder ring' is created in which all elements contain always the same data.

  • Real-time syncing

    Once the synchronization tasks are set, the data flow between Exchange folders occurs in real time. Users don't have to care about initiating the synchronization manually. The data they work on will be replicated on other machines automatically in the background, while they are working.

  • Data filtering

    CodeTwo Exchange Sync lets the administrator specify precisely what elements of the synchronized folder should be replicated in other places. He can choose from different types of filters that give a wider control of data synchronization in a given organization.

  • Modifying/Tagging data on the fly

    Once the synchronized data is filtered by the program, it can be also tagged or modified on the fly, according to the settings the administrator has previously chosen. This is especially useful in the one-way syncing mode when data from multiple sources is replicated to the target location.

  • 30-day money back guarantee

    No matter what the reason you can return the product within 30 days of purchase date, no questions asked.

  • Sync Mobile phone with public folders on Exchange

    The synchronization of Exchange public folders with Android, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile devices that connect to Exchange is finally possible and easy.

  • Create Exchange group calendars and common folders

    Setting up and aggregate calendar for multiple users is now simpler than ever. Just sync employees' calendars with one public calendar and you're done.

  • One-way and two-way sync options

    Replicate Exchange data in one or two directions. Also you can create synchronization rings to propagate data across multiple folders.

  • Real time synchronization

    Exchange Server data is synced in real time between folders and instantly visible on all associated computers. The entire process is transparent to end users.

  • Choose what you want to sync

    Use filters to decide which items will be synchronized between folders and which should stay intact. E.g. don't sync private, old or recurring items.

  • Tag or modify synced items on the fly

    Tag synchronized items on the fly to easily categorize new data in the target folders e.g. differentiate appointments in the group schedule to identify their owners.

  • Easy to setup and use

    It's just "Next, next, finish" to deploy the program, and a few minutes to fully test it. If you encounter any issues, just contact our Support Team - they will be more than happy to help.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

    No matter what the reason you can return the product within 30 days of purchase date, no questions asked.