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Centrally managed, server-side email signatures for Exchange Online
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11 years of experience

Back in 2007, our first program, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 1.0, was like a stone thrown into the water that created ripples on its surface. Over the years, these ripples have become waves that keep carrying our company to this day. This program became an award-winning and Microsoft certified central email signature management tool for Exchange environment. The very same developers who wrote the first lines of code back in 2007 were (and still are) actively involved in the development of its cloud counterpart – CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

Although the fundaments remain unchanged, the program underwent a complete overhaul. Not only was it adapted to Office 365 environment and Microsoft Azure infrastructure services, but also CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 stays abreast of the latest technology trends. The experience gained through all these years, together with feedback, suggestions, and requests from over 69,000 of our clients, powered the whole development process and still allows us to further improve the program.

11 years of experience - CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

In response to the demands of our clients and understanding the needs of the market, CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365:

  • has an exceptionally user-friendly interface
  • features a built-in HTML editor that makes it possible to design professional email signatures without having any HTML knowledge
  • supports all existing email clients
  • allows you to preview server-side signatures while composing emails (and it is the first software in the world that offered such a feature)
  • makes use of Office 365 user photos
  • lets you create email signatures in all languages
  • integrates with web analytics tools and customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT)
  • processes emails on ISO 27001 certified Microsoft Azure servers and incorporates other security features, including OAuth 2.0 protocol, TLS encryption, MFA, etc.
  • has 24-hour technical support (like no other email signature solution)
  • is available for Office 365 Germany tenants (and complies with strict data residency restrictions in Germany).

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