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The prestigious site is organizing a poll in which CodeTwo Exchange Sync is a contestant. is a renowned website dedicated to Microsoft Exchange including Microsoft Office Outlook as the premier and most advanced mail client for Exchange.

In the poll the voters are asked to answer the question “Which is your preferred Exchange Server administration add on?”. We are proud that our solution is included in this contest as CodeTwo Exchange Sync has been on the market for only a month or so. For this reason too CodeTwo Exchange Sync it is unlikely we will be able to defend the pole position our application is now occupying. Still, we need to stress the program really took off – it is a very popular item in our cart.

If you are using the program and think we have done a  good job, please cast your vote for our solution. You will find the poll on the front page of in the Readers’ Choice section to the left. also lists our remaining solutions that can also be reviewed or supported with votes by our customers. If you have a comment or would like simply to cast your vote for these applications, please follow the link of the product you are using.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync

CodeTwo Exchange Rules

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007

CodeTwo Public Folders

More about CodeTwo Exchange Sync:

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