Update to migration tools: new reporting features added

It’s been exactly two years since the first release of CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, our twin solutions for Exchange-to-Exchange and  Exchange-to-Office 365 migrations. Those two products have come a long way since they premiere, gaining: better performance, improved stability and new important features. Today marks the next milestone in the development process. With the release of version 1.10.0 we are introducing advanced email migration reports in both our migration tools.

Email reports have been on users’ wishlist for quite a long time. Since every email migration is a critical and time-consuming project, it is important for the administrators to have the ability to monitor it and get notifications in crucial moments, e.g. in case of any problems or when the migration finishes. That’s why we have added the new Reports section to our tools. It can be easily accesed directly from the porgram’s menu.

Migration reports settings location

The main purpose of migration reports is to provide the administrator with some crucial statistical information about the progress of the migration and to give him/her the ability to easily identify potential problems. Therefore, our applications currently offer 2 types of reports: overall report and mailbox report.

Overall migration report

The overall report gives you an overview of the entire migration and gathers the most important data in one place. It will help you easily check the progress, speed and estimated time of completion, as well as track down mailboxes with errors that need to be investigated further.

Overall migration report

Mailbox migration report

The mailbox report lets you analyze the migration process from a particular mailbox perspective. Not only it gives you a summary of items that have been migrated, but it also shows you the list of particular items that for some reason have been excluded from the migration or failed to be copied. This report can be also exported to a CSV format and taken e.g. to Microsoft Excel where its containing data can be processed further.

Mailbox report

Email notifications

The above mentioned reports can be displayed on demand, directly in the program’s windows, or you can choose to receive them by email. The email notifications settings (Options) will let you decide exactly what reports do you wish to receive and when. You can also easily add other people to the loop (e.g. project mangers) and let the program inform them about the progress automatically.

Reports settings

Get the update!

The update to CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration containing the new reporting features is already available for download on the official product pages. The update is free to all current license holders.

Get CodeTwo Exchange Migration 1.10.0
Get CodeTwo Office 365 Migration 1.10.0

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